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Thank you to everyone who donated from 2008-2012! We were able to send more than 1,500 bicycles to community based organizations in Namibia and fundraise enough money to ship the bikes via sea. Our group has now closed. To get involved in Bicycles for Humanity, please visit their website. Advertisements


Pedalling to School

Pedalling to School

Meet Simon. He’s 12 and lives in northern Namibia.

Not too long ago, he had to walk 12km to school everyday.

Now, Simon pedals thanks to a donated bike he received.

Thanks B4H supporters!


Meet the New Owners

Meet the New Owners

Huron-Perth’s bikes have arrived in Oshakati, Namibia.

This group of school children are the proud new owners. They were provided with the bikes after our partner organization – the Disability Economic Empowerment Network – cleaned, repaired and updated the bikes for the sandy conditions.

Thanks to all who donated!


Next Stop, Africa

We are privileged to announce that:

We sent 374 bikes to Namibia this week thanks to the donations from our 2012 campaign.

Thank you to everyone who donated a bike, funding or volunteered. It is truly an honour to be part of such a vibrant community, a community of giving, in Huron and Perth.


Incredible response to bike collection day

340272_10151192576072417_684740217_oWow! We are totally blown away at the community’s generosity.

On Saturday, Sept 29, hundreds of people donated old mountain bikes for our bikes-to-Africa campaign. More than 200 bicycles were dropped off in Stratford, and about 65 we donated in Blyth. We were thrilled with the response.

We hope to collect 150 more, to fill a shipping container.

Thank-you to everyone who donated bikes. The gift of mobility truly makes a world of difference to people in rural Africa.


Lavinia’s Letter

photo courtesy of BEN Namibia

“My name is Lavinia Friedrich and I am a 29 year old Namibian woman.

“My life has not been easy.

“When I was 14 years old, I was playing soccer with friends at primary school and fell down. I dislocated my left leg and the injury caused me to have a lifelong disability.

“I struggled.

“Having a disability in Namibia is hard. I continued to go to school but my classmates started to discriminate against me.

“When I finished Grade 12, my parents couldn’t afford to send me to university or any other higher institution.

“But I couldn’t get a job either. I looked for work for seven years. People did not want to hire me because of my disability and because I am a woman.

“Then, the Disability Economic Empowerment Project (DEEP) came into my life.”

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Bike Collection Days are back!

Note: The 2012 Bicycle Collection has now closed. Thank you to everyone who donated.

Send your old bike on a new journey. Since 2008, Bicycles for Humanity Huron-Perth has sent 1,200 bikes to Africa.

In 2012, we want to send 400 more. We need your help!

Drop off your used mountain bike at:


Totally Spoke’d
29 Ontario Street
Stratford, ON, N5A 3G7
tel: 519.273.2001

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Hot Off the Press

Our 2012 campaign poster!
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What We Do – In 60 Seconds


Helping Children Get to School

It’s a sight to behold.
As the bell rings at the end of the school day, a sea of children pedal down a dusty road.

A few years ago, children simply walked along the path in this rural Namibian community.
“Some were walking 10 km before one way,” says the school principal Markus Haigo.

Since donated Huron and Perth bikes were distributed in the region, hundreds of students have been cycling to school everyday.

It’s having a dramatic affect on school performance.
“In the past, sometimes you would find them asleep in class, sometimes they were dodging lessons, sometimes they were just absent, because the walk was too much,” Markus says.

The school principal says now with the bikes, child come to class on time.

And they stay for extra classes after school to improve their performance.

John Raul is a Grade 10 student who bikes to school every day.
So does Gervasia Lazarus.

She says that since she got her red mountain bike last year, she makes sure its closely protected.

“I keep it in the store room. I put it there directly after school and don’t take it out again until it’s time to go back to school the next day,” she says.

Yet, there is a demand for more bikes. More students are now coming to the rural school, Markus says.
“The demand is very much increasing,” Markus says.

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